Prestley ADR offers arbitration for family law cases. It is a potent tool that gives attorneys and their clients maximum flexibility whether its use is issue specific, or it is utilized from start to finish. In cases using arbitration, the arbitrator is able to customize the process and results in ways that can benefit lawyers and their clients and that might be unavailable in court proceedings. The key process issues of scheduling, disclosure and discovery, trial administration, admission of evidence, and a myriad number of other details can be customized in advance through collaborative discussions between the arbitrator and counsel.

Arbitration also has various other advantages:

  • Greater privacy – for the parties and particularly the protection of child related information;

  • Efficiency – oftentimes is more streamlined, takes less time, and costs less than fully litigated court resolutions;

  • Utility – can be used to adjudicate unresolved mediation issues, or in conjunction with a court proceeding, or on its own as the preferred means of resolving all issues;

  • Finality – decisions are more final, and appeals of the arbitrator’s decisions are extremely limited;

  • Choice of decision maker – it is an advantage for attorneys and parties to be able to select a decision maker / arbitrator who has a known track record for confidence and neutrality. 


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