Judge Prestley has developed expertise in the family law arena which allows her to knowledgeably guide discussions in directions that lead toward judicious resolutions. She considers the concerns of the parties and/or their attorneys and is able to offer new and creative solutions that might not have been considered outside the mediation process.

There is no one-size fits all approach to mediation and Judge Prestley is particularly sensitive to the unique circumstances each case presents. The need for each party to be heard, either directly or through counsel, is important. She believes that serving as a mediator is a privilege and she takes a personal interest in doing what needs to be done to achieve results that the parties and counsel will consider fair and reasonable. She is committed to doing this in a manner designed to minimize time spent and expenses incurred.

Judge Prestley mediates all issues related to family matters, including but not limited to, complex and simple financial disputes, child custody disagreements, post-judgment issues and blended family concerns.

Prestley ADR offers an initial complimentary consultation. For the mediation itself, the parties and/or their attorneys can select various formats, including half day, full day or hourly mediations, either in person or remotely.


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